I hate when it feels like I’ve got absolutely nothing to wear!

Of course, this isn’t true because my closet is brimming with clothes, shoes and other accessories- so why do I still struggle with these intimate feelings? There are a variety of reasons that I use to justify this thought, like “I’ve already taken pictures in this!” or “I’ve worn this way too many times!” Sometimes, unfortunately, these negative thoughts have won, so I go out and treat myself to some retail therapy. But the truth is, there is something beautiful about your old clothes! Just think about it- do you remember how excited you were when you originally bought that piece? It probably made you feel so good to finally add that piece to your closet. It’s hard to believe that the initial luster has dissipated, but we often feel pressured by outside forces to keep up with the latest trends and styles, so it’s going to happen. That, my friends, is absolutely okay because no one is perfect!

Remember that wardrobes are ever-evolving as you edit, add, remove and otherwise modify it, but it’s important to never forget about your old clothes! I generally have a rule- for every piece I add, one has got to into donate/consign or curate. Don’t worry, I’ve been working on some content to share with you on how I keep my closet organized and how I get rid of clothes. Today, however, I want to share some transitional outfits that you can wear this fall! Some of the pieces featured in these looks are up to 10+ years old, but by mixing old with the new, you can easily re-wear certain pieces over and over.

Fall is one of the most transitional seasons of the year because we are right at the cusp of Summer and Winter. It’s nice because Fall gives us a little buffer period before the extreme cold! Here in North Carolina, it’s still every bit of 80-degrees, so we’re still rocking our shorts, dresses, and skirts. This is no excuse, however, to throw your denim to the back of the closet! Some people think denim is actually for winter, but this is not true! With a little bit of creativity, you can transition your denim to make it work for early fall fashion looks. So without further ado- here are 3 Ways to wear Denim this Fall!

Look #1: Denim Jacket + Maxi Skirt

This first look was inspired by the gloomy weather these last couple of days. It’s been completely overcast lately with no sun in sight, so I wanted to wear something bright and pretty! I broke out my favorite maxi pleated skirt and paired it with a matching crop top. I finished the look off with my new distressed denim jacket, some on-trend white booties from Target and a messy top-knot!!

I absolutely love the way this outfit came together, especially since this skirt is over 4 years old!! I got so many compliments on this look! You can copy the look with a denim jacket and maxi or midi skirt with some booties.

Crop Top: Free People
Boots: Target

Look #2: Denim Dress + Animal Print + Duster

Remember how I mentioned there were pieces featured that were over 10 years old? Well, here it is! This adorable vintage Tommy Hilfiger dress is actually one of my grandma’s old favorites. She passed it down to me a couple of years ago and it has been one of my favorite additions to my closet. It came with a belt at one point, so to cover the notches, I paired this dress with an on-trend animal print belt. (Faux, of course) It started off on the warmer side that day, but it eventually began to cool off, so I finished the look with my favorite cozy duster for warmth.

To copy this look, all you need is a denim dress and cardigan! Add a cheetah print or other animal print belt to finish off the look!

Dress: Tommy Hilfiger
Sandals: Vince Camuto
Cardigan: Knot Sisters

Look #3: Printed Sweater + Denim Shorts

This day was one of those “wear a sweater in the morning, regret it in the afternoon” type days. The drastic change in weather is what makes early fall dressing a little difficult, but I love a good challenge! For this look, I paired my favorite jacquard printed sweater with some essential denim shorts and finished off the look with my cognac booties. For accessories, I wore some fun hoops, a dainty necklace and some beaded bracelets with pineapple charms!!

If you want to copy the look, simply take a printed sweater and pair it with denim shorts/jeans and your favorite booties!

​Boots: Call It Spring
Earrings: South Moon Under
Bracelets: Eff.Y.Bee & Pure Vida

Which look do you like the best? How do you feel about the denim trends for this fall season? Let me know in the comments below!! Thanks for checking out this post!!

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