Guys- Can you believe that another year has gone by so quickly?! It feels like it was just yesterday that we were ringing in 2018, and now here we are a week into the brand new year! I don’t know about you, but I am so ready for a fresh start, and honestly? I’m really looking forward to 2019! I have this feeling deep down in my gut that this year is going to be MY year.

Your girl is a true skeptic, and that means partaking in all of the New Years “Traditions.” I’m not sure if anyone else’s families are as crazy as mine when it comes to NYE, but I think its the perfect way to round out the end of the holiday season. Of course, you’ve just got to have your black-eyed peas, along with collard greens and buttered rice. I wasn’t completely sure of the relevance of certain food and new years, so I looked it up and found out some interesting facts! According to, when the Confederate soldiers’ food supplies were raided by the Union, all that was left was black-eyed peas and salted pork. The soldiers saw this as a sign of luck and were extremely grateful for the supplies that remained- talk about my kind of people! Word spread and southerners all across the country began consuming black-eyed peas for good luck each year. As far as collard greens, they are said to resemble money, and the tradition is to consume them for good fortune, aka lots o’ money!! Isn’t it so much fun to learn the story behind certain traditions?

Another tradition that most people partake in is, of course, New Year’s Resolutions. I find the usual resolutions like “get fit” kind of boring, mostly because I detest working out. I think we can get more creative and set better goals for this year- all it takes is a few moments of reflection and your true desires will present themselves! This year, my resolutions are very different than the previous year, which makes me incredibly excited to share it with you all! So enough with the history lesson, and let’s dive into my top 2 New Year’s Resolutions for 2019!

1. Love Thyself

Shocking News: Sometimes, I’m really hard on myself! They say that we are our own worst critic, and I know this is so true first hand. After many years of struggling with low self-esteem and depression, I’ve become so comfortable with disliking myself. It’s easy to jab and make jokes about my own shortcomings, but on the inside, it was actually taking a toll on my dignity. I’m also slightly a perfectionist, so if I messed up at anything- and I mean anything– I would obsess over the different possible outcomes and curse myself for being so careless and stupid.

I spend a great deal of time spreading positivity by sharing uplifting thoughts and conversations with other people, but how can I do this without practicing what I preach? A little over a week ago, after some light journaling, I had such a profound thought- since I focus so much on loving other people, why not try loving myself? It hit me like a rock! It was kind of a “duh” moment because of course, I should try loving myself!! No- I don’t mean a conceited kind-of love, but a gentle, accepting kind-of love. I also think more people should be kind to themselves! It is so much more gratifying to spread positivity and joy from a place of true, inner peace.

So how will I love myself? For starters, put negative thoughts and ideas in their place- out the door! For 2019, I want to focus on uplifting myself with positivity and happy thoughts. That means no more self-deprecating talk, only good things! Second, I want to take away my fear of being… me! I want to get to a place where I truly accept me for being myself, and that goes along with bringing positivity within. This also means surrounding myself people who also accept me and cutting out those who don’t. If you remember my recent post about How to Handle Toxic Friendships, toxic relationships also take a toll on your happiness. So this year, I will not be afraid of taking care of me first.

2. Change my Money Mindset

Ahhh!!! The scary word- Money! Money doesn’t have to be scary though, as long as you manage it better. “But what if I’m in tons of debt?” you might ask. Don’t worry! We’re in this together! I’m not going to mention any numbers, but let’s just say I’m in a spot where my debt is getting rather uncomfortable. It’s negatively affecting my credit score, I honestly feel like I don’t have enough of it, and I know my parents are judging the heck out of me. This year, things are going to change, because I’ll be working on my money mindset.

I’m a true believer of manifestation because it does work! Why stop at material things when the sky is the limit? All 2019, I’ll be shifting my thoughts about money from negative, to positive. Instead of saying and thinking things like “I don’t have enough money” it will change to “Money flows to me” or “Money is abundant.” Through the power of the universe and positive thoughts, I hope to manifest more money this year than I’ve made in previous years! Anything is possible, I just have to stick to it and remember my calling.

I’m also not leaving everything up to the universe! I’ve created a 6-month plan, which I started in December, to cancel out all of my debt- with the exception of Student Loans.(yikes!) I’ve calculated how much I currently make, how much I owe, and how much I will need to pay every month in order to take down this debt efficiently. Along with my 6-month plan, I’ve also developed a money management plan to spend less and earn more. If you should know anything about me, it’s that I have a serious shopping problem. Usually, as soon as I get paid, I spend it all on new clothes, make-up, and food. That changes in 2019! Instead of shopping every time I get some money, I will only shop 2 times a month and spend no more than $50 per piece. That way, I’m actually cognisant of what I am buying instead of mindlessly spending.

I do have a couple more resolutions for this year like travel more, eat healthier and drink less alcohol, but these 2 were so profound for me I had to share with you all. What are your New Year’s Resolutions for 2019? If you don’t mind sharing, leave me some love in the comments section below! Also, don’t forget to subscribe so you don’t miss out on the latest post! Thank you so much for checking out this post, and have a wonderful rest of your week!

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  1. I enjoyed reading your post. ‘’Love Thyself’’…true words to live by. When you love yourself your life will be better in all aspects. You will gravitate towards positive people and relationships and money and things become less important. I know this because I’ve been there. It’s a part of life and growing and learning from each life experience. And it’s ok to stubble as long as you get yourself back on track. Thanks for your lovely post.

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