IMG_1179Hello Lovelies!!  I am super excited to share with you all my wonderful first time experience at a local consignment boutique! For those who don’t know, consignment shopping is purchasing second-hand clothing for a discounted price- also known to some as thrifting. (I just think consignment shopping sounds a little more upscale -rich laugh-) Not only is it a great way to acquire unique pieces, but it is also great for the environment as it keeps textiles out of the landfill!

There are a couple local shops in the area and I am slowly making my way around to all of them, but y’all? I’m a CHANGED WOMAN. I will probably never buy anything for retail again, unless of course it is from a sustainable brand, but I can no longer justify paying top dollar for fast fashion or unethical brands.

Dress is a locally owned consignment boutique with two locations here in Raleigh, and they’ve won the award for best consignment boutique 6 years in a row! They specialize in designer consignment for amazing prices and offer discounts on boutique overstock as well. My experience at the boutique was amazing! From the time I walked in to the time I left, I was ooh-ing and ah-ing over the selections in-store. I will definitely be returning to this boutique very soon. So with all that being said, let’s jump into my finds from Dress Raleigh!! 

Keepsake the Label Floral Asymmetrical One-Shoulder Dress

I walked into Dress with a purpose the day before the Miss North Carolina pageant I was attending, and I knew I wanted a stand-out, yet classy piece to wear. Whenever I go to an event, I always dress well because you never know who you’ll meet!! Once I laid eyes on this dress, I was in love.

IMG_1204IMG_1173Featuring a golden wildflower floral print and pleasant pleats, this dress is a breathtaking showstopper.


Rhode Resort Ella Pink Floral Dress

By this point, I have already decided that my first selection was the dress I was wearing for my event, but out the corner of my eye, I see a golden floral print neatly tucked in the rack. Upon observing it entirely, my eyes became wide with excitement- this dress was a gem! At first when I tried it on it was rather underwhelming, but once I belted it? Oh ho ho- this dress was a winner!!! I strutted out of the fitting room with this gorgeous floral print and swingy skirt- I tell you all I wanted to do was twirl around the store! Once I found out it had been in the boutique for over 5 months, I decided that I must have this dress- plus, it has “M’s” on the sleeves and the price was too good to pass up!

IMG_1082IMG_1055Oh, for the love of twirling! The full skirt has godet insets for maximum swingy movement and gorgeous pink floral details.


**Upon further research, this dress did come with a beautiful braided belt that was unfortunately lost before I purchased it. 🙁

IMG_1143I definitely consider my first experience with consignment shopping a total success! I got what I needed and more. Dress has a new client- and her name is Megan Georgiane. 😉 I am so excited about these pieces that I literally could not wait to wear them! I tried to restrain myself, but my excitement took over one day and I wore the Rhode Resort Ella dress to work. I received so many compliments I was a little overwhelmed by it! But this dress is for sure a staple favorite in my closet, and I look forward to the next time I’m able to wear it!!!

Thank You so much for checking out this post! Do you think you’ll give consignment shopping a try? I know I was a skeptic at first, but like most things in life- you’ve just gotta experience it for yourself. Let me know what you think of these looks by sounding off in the comments and also don’t forget to subscribe so you never miss out on the latest post! See you next time!!

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  1. I love your voice in your writing <3 You're so cute! You found some great pieces. You're making me want to hit all the local consignment shops here in Rockford, IL. There's so many I've been meaning to check out but I'm def wanting to look for some new clothes now. I love to repurpose as much as I can so if I can give some used clothes a new life, I'm about it! <3

  2. Such great finds you have there and so perfect for summer! Definitely loving the vibes! And the photos are so beautiful!

  3. The patterns are awesome. You never know how a floor pattern is going to turn out until you put it on and I swear they turn out amazing on every skin tone during the summer time. I think it might be the fresh golden light from the hot summer sun.

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