Over this past weekend, I had the opportunity to attend my first ever NASCAR race and go glamping! My friend Jannely was blowing up my phone one evening, and when I answered, she said she got invited to the M&M’s Glampground at the Quaker State 400- and she wants me to come. NASCAR? Kentucky? Me?? Whaaaaat?! Despite my doubts, I had a feeling that this trip would an exceptional experience that I could not pass up.


Day 1

As we pull up to the Kentucky Speedway, we see nothing but a wide stretch of land with valleys and mountain of track, camping RVs, and excited fans. This was my first time ever at the speedway, but it was at this moment that I knew this would be unlike anything I’ve ever experienced. The excitement built as we walked up the gravel path to the M&M’s Glampground, surrounded by fence with colorful, massive M&M’s and a super chic gate that was carefully guarded by campground security. We are then taken on a full tour of the Kentucky Speedway and every place we have access to with our media passes.


Everyone was exceptionally awesome and took such great care of us the whole weekend! Each person offered their own flair to the campsite and took us on exclusive tours that extended to every inch of the speedway. Once we returned to the campsite, we checked out the Q&A session with Riley Herbst, Christopher Bell, and Brandon Jones, 3 young men who were racing that night! Shortly after, we got ready for the race that evening.


It’s race time!!!  The Glampground provided us with headphones and a small video radio that allows us to watch the action and listen in on the pit road as well as the team. After watching the introductions, we decided to throw ourselves in the middle of the action and head down to the pit road. With our “Hot” passes, we were able to check out the garages and the pit road- even when there was a race going on!



Day 2


We started our day bright and early with a sublime breakfast, and then we began exploring more of our glamourous campsite! All of the fans are so wonderful and passionate, so it made for great connections and conversations. I love how everyone who is in the world of NASCAR is so passionate about the sport- you can literally feel the excitement oozing out of them. Around lunch time, we are surprised with a ride in the Toyota Camry pace car around the track. And boy- did we go fast! 120 MPH to be exact!


After our exciting ride in the pace car, we are then escorted through the pit road and garages! While touring the garages, we bump into none other than Claire B. Lang from Sirius XM! We had an awesome conversation with her and became instant fans.

After checking out the fan zone and the bullfighting show, we head back to camp and make it back just in time to see the Q&A session with Samantha Busch, when we are pleasantly surprised with another gift- an exclusive one-on-one interview with Samantha herself! Shortly after our interview, Kyle Busch visits our campsite and leaves behind some signed gifts for all the fans!


After a delicious steakhouse dinner, its race time! By this time, we’re already in our racing stripes, ready to see our man Kyle win the Quaker State 400! We eagerly headed to the track and went straight to the pit road to meet up with Rick, Courtney, and our other media friends.

We were literally placed right in the middle of the action! I got to stand right behind the wall where the cars pull up and we also got to sit in the pit box, exclusively reserved for media and family. On the ground, Kyle’s team patiently waited for instruction as the race went on. At this moment, I finally understood why people enjoyed this so much. The smell of the tires, gasoline, fire, the rumble of the track, and even the bright colors on the teams suits- it all created this sensory experience that was unlike anything I’ve ever been through.


Near the end of the race, there’s a crash on the track that causes a “Caution” meaning the cars have to follow the pace car until the debris is cleared. At this point, there were only about 5 laps left, so the race went into overtime. Once it was time for the race to begin, Kyle was so close to winning and we were sure he had it in the bag. But once the race started back up, Kyle’s brother slips by and wins the race!! Dang! After the excitement dies down, we head back to the campsite and watch Talladega Nights with our glamping family.

Our final day at the Glampground was spent getting primped and packed for our flights home, when we are surprised with some final parting gifts- a Caramel M&M’s hat signed by Kyle Busch and a surprise trip to the track!! You could still see the skids in the road from the night before! These were our last bittersweet moments in Kentucky, so we made the most of it with a quick photoshoot, and headed off to the airport.


img_2336I must say, this experience has been unreal. So would I go glamping again? Absolutely! The luxurious accommodations, the staff, the great food, exclusive access and tours- this experience was the perfect way to get introduced to NASCAR… in style! The M&M’s Glampground gets 2 thumbs up from me 😉

Have you ever been glamping or to a NASCAR race? If not, would you? Let me know in the comments! Don’t forget to like this post if you enjoyed reading it and subscribe to my blog so you never miss the latest post!! Thank You so much for checking out this post, and I’ll see you next time!

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